Meet The Team

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Andrea Ringer

MPP 2021


Areas of interest: State and local government, workforce development and labor rights, economic development

Andrea Ringer is an MPP2 at the Harvard Kennedy School. She has experience in program evaluation of nonprofit and local government programs in the U.S., and her areas of interest include state and local government, community empowerment, economic development, and affordable housing. Andrea’s vision for SPSC is to increase involvement of HKS students with organizations in their local communities and to create connections in public service across Harvard.


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Kevin Dong

MPP 2022


Areas of interest: Healthcare reform, welfare strategies, and equity

Kevin Dong is an MPP1 at the Harvard Kennedy School. He is interested in reforming healthcare, improving welfare programs, and expanding student involvement within and beyond the HKS community. Kevin is experienced in overseeing and implementing federal low-income food programs at food banks, and in investigating health insurance mergers and anticompetitive hospital conduct at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division. Kevin enjoys playing the viola, watching baseball, and received his bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College.


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Brittany Martinez


MC/MPA 2022


Areas of interest: Public service, government, and politics.

Brittany Martinez is a Southern California native who graduated with her B.A. from the University of La Verne, double majoring in both English and Speech Communications. Upon graduation, she went on to the Graduate School of Political Management where she earned her Masters in Political Management.


Brittany has spent the last eight years working in politics and government.