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Students across Harvard are finding ways to build community and support one another during times of crisis like the one we’re facing today. Among these is the COVID-19 Task Force, a university-wide student-run organization that is part of the larger Students vs. Pandemics group. Our three primary goals are to improve transparency and communication, build community, and identify needs and innovate solutions. Initiatives include:

  • Google Sheet to provide a central list of resources available (related to health, housing, financial support…), ways to serve and build community, opportunities to relax and have fun, and a platform to share and try to address needs. This document is live and editable, and all are encouraged to add to it, share resources and questions, and help problem-solve together.

  • COVID response hackathon to empower students to develop solutions.

  • Writing policy memos for the MA state senate.

  • Developing materials to expand to other campuses.

  • And more

SPSC is a proud founding sponsor of Students vs. Pandemics. Please fill out this form if you’re interested in joining Students vs. Pandemics.

Email Gwendolyn Lee if you have any questions.

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