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Creating a Culture of Service​

The Student Public Service Collaborative (SPSC) is a student-led office at Harvard Kennedy School of Government that believes in leadership by example. Our aim is getting students engaged in public service in their community.  We do this by providing service opportunities, assisting students in organizing their own volunteer events and organizing discussions on public service.

For Students

The SPSC is always looking for new members and leaders - consider joining the SPSC or applying to be on the 23-24 AY Executive Board

For PIC's/Student Organizations

Any registered Professional Interest Council (PIC) HKS can commit to hosting a service event and join the growing number of groups that have signed the HKS Culture of Service Pledge and give back to the community.

For Community Partners

The SPSC is looking to expand its network of community partners - if your organization would be interested in hosting a service event during the 2023-2024 academic year, please direct inquiries to SPSC@HKS.Harvard.Edu

Upcoming Events

September 30 - Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET)

October 14 -  Habitat for Humanity

Self-guided events - see local service opportunities in the

Boston/Cambridge area here


From the Co-Chair

Furthering HKS' Positive Impact in the Community

My fellow students,

HKS is built on the foundation of service - our motto is "ask what you can do." Yet all too often, the busyness of studying and class can make the short time we have here fly by - and contributing to the area we live in can become an afterthought in the midst of it all.

This year, it's the SPSC's goal to put public service at the forefront of our experience at the Kennedy School. Whether we intend to or not, we use resources in the Cambridge community by simply being here - and we hope that through the service events we put on, we can help HKS give back to the neighborhood it is a part of.

So, no matter how busy the exams, the job search or the networking get, let's work together to keep a service mindset through this year, and not only ask what we can do to help support our neighbors, but follow through and do it as well.


Gabriel Kelvin

SPSC Co-Chair | 2023-2024 Academic Year

Our Vision


To see the next generation of leaders and public servants graduating from Harvard Kennedy School regularly engaged in serving their community through meaningful, tangible and regular public service in the local Cambridge and Greater Boston area.

Our Mission


To create sustainable, lasting partnerships and a culture of service between HKS and the greater Boston Metro area by hosting regular, impactful service events that benefit the local community.

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